Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Peep Show Girls of 1982" (Part II)

Peep shows were the meat-and-potatoes attraction of Times Square, like slot machines in Las Vegas. Ghetto girls subwayed in from the boroughs for hard cash tips, one filthy dollar at a time. A pipeline of girls from Eastern Europe added to the merriment, before the Iron Curtain fell.

Depraved, pathological? Lighten up, Charlie, don’t get all academic. Overt racist caricature, you say? J’accuse! Go ahead, if that makes your day. You might consider that brother Drew doesn’t make white people look too pretty, either. But I witnessed poor womenfolk at Show World revolving on platforms in their ninth month of pregnancy. My usually taboo–defying editor, Jeffrey Goodman, at High Society’s line of mens mags, balked at running this comic strip. And so this Times Square sitcom ended after two episodes. I hereby present “Ubangi Our Wangi” for the first time ever.

"Ubangi Our Wangi" by Josh Alan Friedman and Drew Friedman
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Copyright © 1982, 2012 Josh Alan Friedman, Drew Friedman. Visit Drew

And for further enlightenment, here’s a 1981 Show World vignette from Midnight Blue, that I produced with my associate, Richard Jaccoma: