Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Josh Alan in Doc Pomus doc, WEASELS in San Diego

Doc Pomus in the studio, 1950s 
Per Josh Alan:

"I will be in attendance (and onscreen) to talk at the Austin Film Festival premiere of AKA Doc Pomus on Friday Oct. 19th (9:30 pm). The doc on Doc has been garnering emotional rave reviews."

LEFT: Peggy, Doc Pomus, girl singer, Josh; Lone Star Cafe 1982 
RIGHT: Josh, Ginger, Doc, Ratso Sloman, Peggy; Bitter End, NY 1989 

For more information on the film and screenings, check out the AFF website here.

Also this weekend:

Black Cracker Online moderator and Josh's co-editor on the upcoming Weasels Ripped My Flesh! book, Wyatt Doyle, will be appearing at the San Diego Comic Fest this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  A very limited advance edition of the Weasels anthology will be available for sale there, while they last!

Highlights of the weekend will include a Live Weasels! talk and presentation by Wyatt, Sunday at 10 am, and Weasels Ripped My Reading!, Saturday at 2:15 pm, an all-star performance of the book's toughest, sweatiest highlights, delivered from the Fest's re-creation of Twilight Zone writer George Clayton Johnson's legendary beatnik coffee house of the 1950s, Café Frankenstein.   

For more information about Comic Fest, visit SDComicFest.org.