Monday, October 25, 2010

CRACKER Talk: News & Reviews

Here are nine posts on Black Cracker, the novel, of particular interest:

"In these peculiar times when "political correctness" fights it out with Ann Coulter, while the rest of us keep our heads down, try and pretend that none of it matters, and avoid the tough questions, I simply can not recommend this book highly enough."
— The Hound, The Hound Blog

"What Friedman offers the reader is more like a rich look at a vanished world that was vaporizing just as his memory recorded it."

"Friedman splits sides, breaks hearts and always remains ruthlessly honest about the real world, a place that doesn't conform to the politically correct wishes of liberals or conservatives."
— Michael Simmons, "White Like Me," L.A. Weekly

"Against the background of civil rights and the shifting mores of the decade Friedman dramatizes with cinematic relish not only his unique childhood but a cast of local characters (in all senses of the word) that has lived inside of him for decades."
— Joe Bonomo, "Coming of Age With Josh Alan Friedman," No Such Thing As Was

"I just finished reading Black Cracker. Wow, whew, and Holy Sh_t."
— Georgina Spelvin, Georgina's World

"It's the funniest thing I've ever read, bar none."
— J.D. King, Drawger

"He's the kind of guy whose books are so fucking good that I never have any on my shelves; I'm always giving them away!"

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Black Cracker is, of course, available NOW; signed copies are available here.

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