Monday, August 2, 2010

"Assoc. Ed. Cites Anti-Sem in Stooges Censure at PIX"

From Screw, Dec. 15, 1980, #615:

cover art by John Mariano

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© 1980, 2010 Josh Alan Friedman


  1. found a stash of unread MAD mags & New Yorkers from 2004...article on the Farrelly Brothers trying to make a Stooges movie...I don't think it ever got made ('course i miss a lot, too!) and they WEREN'T including SHEMP! Fa Fa Fa!

  2. James Frawley made a TV movie about the 3 Stooges w/Paul Ben-Victor as Moe, Evan Handler, John Kassir as Shemp and Michael Chiklis (of the Sheild, one of the best cop shows ever) as Curly. It was awful, I believe it
    aired in 2000. The Farrelly Bros. 3 Stooges movie is still "in development" with a 2012 release date attached to it. That can't be a good thing.

  3. I wanna throw a pie. I really really wanna throw a pie....