Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Josh's Lost New York

Paradise Bootery, where strippers, hookers and Elizabeth Taylor were custom fitted.
(photo by Annie Sprinkle)

© 2009 Josh Alan Friedman


  1. I loved this place. And I don't wear high heels. But in the mid-1970's, when spikes were totally out of fashion, I started seeing punk girls in these shoes. A lot of them probably knew about the place because they also stripped. I had to visit even though I knew I was not going to wear them. But they were so beautiful and you could get them custom made--any kind of design on the front of the mule, with a gold spike. Debbie Harry had some, pink I think. Fabulous.

    1. I know a lot about the place. My grandfather owned it. The man in the picture is Peter. He was a great shoe saleman. I learned a lot for them. I worked in the shoe store in the summer of 1967. It is true, loaded with hot high class hookers, NY's finest.

  2. Debbie Harry wore a pair for the Blondie LP cover Parallel Lines in 1978. Awesome.